About S:P

Your partner for your people topics

S:P is a coaching and consulting firm, helping companies understand and release potential in their people, their teams, their company culture and in times of change and supporting companies in getting the right people on board.

You can work with us when you want to assess your people.
To use us just for diagnostics would be a pity though, because what we can really do for business, is to help create true people focus or what we call – `37° organisations´.

`37° organisations´ are companies that consider people their key asset and key to their success. For them, people are the source for achieving extraordinary results. They trust that the right focus is attention given to the people that work for them. Consequently, they put a lot of attention on whom they onboard, who their people are, what is driving them, what they are best at and they help them use their talents and unfold their full potential. `37° organisations´ create meaning at work by making their people feel seen and invited to make an impactful contribution to the success of the company.

People can make up to a third of a company´s total cost, and if you do not consider people a key driver for success, they remain just a cost.

S:P helps create a 37°C organisation and transform it from a task oriented to a truly people focused and highly successful enterprise, with people daring to think out of the box, motivated to contribute with great commitment and high performance and burning for growing business and oneself beyond existing boundaries.

By working with S:P you will enhance your own people capabilities and get a trained eye for identifying potential, become skilled in releasing it and satisfied in investing it well into many new success stories in your business.

Our team

Experienced people experts

The person behind S:P is Snježana Spajić, owner and founder of S:P.
S:P is run as a network of experienced experts, ready to join for the topics of their area of expertise. Each expert is carefully selected to ensure that you get the best professional for your topic. Each of them is a seasoned professional, well proven and highly appreciated by their customers with a vast knowledge in their area, a wide range of process experience and toolboxes and – a strong affinity for people. Each of them – a sophisticated orchestrator of mind and heart. All having the “humanizing” gene. All full hearted believers in the power of the people side in business.

All experts bring a broad variety of knowledge, processes and tools that you will benefit from. To make it easier for you to orientate, we have listed here which solutions and tools offered by SP they are joining.

The team, ready and glad to help you release the full potential in your organisation: