Simple tools to solve complex matters

In S:P we work with assessment tools because it is easier to move into action, once things are made visible.

For this, we have chosen reliable and intelligent tools that are able to grasp the complexity of human beings and company cultures while at the same time they are easy to use. And we have deliberately chosen tools that are highly respectful, opening possibilities for individuals and teams instead of locking them into limiting categories.

The outcomes are remarkably accurate and serve as reference map to point out and elaborate around important matters. The visualized results serve as basis for dialogue and for unwrapping potential.

The main instruments used


Diagnostic and personal development tool, applicable for individuals and teams
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Diagnostic and cultural transformation tool, applicable for organisations, groups and teams
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INSEAD EMC instruments

A variety of models and tools from the clinical psychodynamic and organisational psychology approach as per INSEAD EMC programme about Change and Transformation
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