Your people are your success

Leaders know that it is people that are key to success. They connect to their people and they want to know who they are. They look out for potential and they are eager to fully unfold it.

To release the full potential in people, you need to be truly interested in who they are: What is it that drives them. What do they love. What do they need. What is their very individual talents and contribution and what could they become.

Your interest will encourage them to strive for becoming the best version of themselves.

There is nothing more touching than to have others being interested in who we are. And there is nothing more powerful than to have others acknowledging our talents and providing opportunities to grow them.

The moment you are in good contact with your people, they will grow and exceed expectations.

Our support to you

●  Tool of choice: Empreinte©

●  Process: Empreinte® Assessment, Coaching and Contracting Process. It consists of an online personality questionnaire done by your people, followed by an intense feedback and coaching session as described under Know myself, and followed by a personal contracting meeting between the leader and his/her direct report.

●  Effect and Outcome:
We use Empreinte® as the tool of choice to better understand who your people are and for your people to better know themselves. It provides important insights for you and your people.

The most significant step though is the meeting between you as a leader and your direct report – the contracting meeting. It ensures that things happen. Actions of true relevance and significant impact are agreed upon. Based on the Empreinte® findings, you agree on how to best work together and how to release available potential. You merry those findings with your business expectations and create clarity and alignment around your goals and how to succeed.

It is a moment of true connection and commitment, the fundament for driving success and growth together.

The concrete outcome is a written mutual contract about a successful collaboration and strong alignment, a personal development plan and a revisit of personal business goals, roles and responsibilities.