Find good people, set them free (Richard Branson)

With the right people anything is possible. And with the right people in the right job, business is taken to greatness.

What is `right´? Whether somebody is right for our organisation, depends on where we stand and where we want to go. `Right´ is what helps us elevate and succeed with our business. Our business strategy determines which capabilities to look for. Our company culture determines which set of values and attitudes we want to onboard. Only by defining what we are looking for, we are sharpening our focus and increasing the probability to get the right people on board.

Who is `right´? How to know, the person in front of me is `right´? How to understand people´s talent, potential and what they do best? And how to anticipate whether they will deliver, collaborate or what else we consider important? Knowing how to get good people starts with understanding the strategic importance of a selection process. It requires above all the right focus, attention and time. Business success starts right here. It is an opportunity we should not miss.

Business success comes naturally, when we get the right people on board, assign them to the right task and make them thrive by letting them do what they do best. They will take you to success stories, you have probably not thought of being possible before.

Our support to you

1  Assessment of Final Candidates

●  Tool of choice: Empreinte©

●  Process: Empreinte® Assessment. It consists of an online personality questionnaire done by your final candidates, followed by briefing the hiring team.

●  Effect and Outcome:
With the assessment results you will get a good understanding on the fit of the person for the position and the team. The findings will help you do a focused, structured interview and ask questions of true relevance. This will help you move away from superficial interview questions to a very tailored interview dialogue. This will not only help you identify the right people, it will also create a respectful and fair process for the candidate and create a positive interview and selection experience.

2  Recruitment Strategy

●  Tools of choice: Workshop setting with different tools involved

●  Process: Recruitment and Selection Strategy Workshop and Training. It is consisting of a workshop with management and other key people in your organisation to define what is `right´ for your organisation and to agree on the selection process. The workshop is followed by a training for hiring managers.

●  Effect and Outcome:
It is vital to have a strong recruitment and selection strategy. It helps you find the right talent and it helps you successively increase your talent pool and overall people asset. And your people asset is strongly built up, because across the organisation everybody is applying the same methods and measures on what is considered the `right´ people for your organisation.
With a recruitment and selection strategy you are steering what kind of talent bank you want to build. You are also creating clarity and alignment across the organisation: Which attitudes and capabilities to onboard. How to run a selection process. Which interview techniques to apply. How to validate and assess your findings with a formal assessment and reference check. And with an aligned process you are building a strong employer brand, because you are positively influencing the candidate and employee experience everywhere in the organisation.
The outcome is a strong and aligned recruitment and selection process, with a road map that helps define and assess capabilities and attitudes of candidates and that ensures, your hiring managers across your organisation are well trained and enabled to get `good people´.