Emotionally invested

A company´s success is built on the people who love to work there. And we all love to work for a company once we are emotionally invested. This happens, when we feel part of something bigger, something we can identify with. When we are emotionally invested, we are invested with our whole being and we want to contribute with our work, our ideas and be part of the company´s success.

Your company culture is an excellent indicator for how well your people are behind your mission, vision, strategy and goals. It is the context within which everybody in your organisation operates. It is the written and unwritten, the conscious and unconscious norms, rules and values prevalent in your organisation. The more you know about it, the better you can steer it.

Start developing a culture that everybody wants to join, so that your people are happy and thriving when engaging themselves and contributing to the company´s success.

Our support to you

●  Tool of choice: CTT®

●  Process: An unlimited number of employees complete a simple online questionnaire. The results are prepared in a handy way, easy to use and serving as a basis for understanding your current culture and initiating actions for the wanted culture. Your line managers have an easy to use input to start a dialogue with their teams and agree on actions on how to get the organisation behind your strategy.

●   Effect and Outcome:
We can steer our company culture by getting a grip on the current values prevalent in the organisation. By making them visible, we get a strong lever to work with them and to adjust what Is not working. By involving our people in this process and have them co-create the desired behavioural norms, we achieve strong alignment and cohesion and get our people behind our strategy.

The Cultural Transformation Tool (CTT®) by the Barrett Value Centre is a handy, easy to use diagnostic tool to visualize the prevailing and the wanted values in your organisation. An unlimited number of people can be included into the survey. Three simple questions in an online questionnaire is all that needs to be provided.

The outcome is a visualized outcome comparing the personal values of your people, the perceived current and the desired values in your organisation. The difference between these three gives a rich input and serves as basis for dialogue and an action plan on how to align your organisation and have your people behind your strategy.