Winning together

Team spirit is the fine wire that is weaving collaboration, trust and commitment into a team. It is the pulse and lifeline of a thriving and winning team.

At the basis of team spirit there is the task of removing one of the most frequent obstacles – misunderstanding.

It starts with accepting that we are all different before we can start working as one team. Mutual understanding can be established once we accept that how we look upon the world may be different from others, that we have different frames of reference, different drivers and different strategies on how to reach our goals.

To share what is important to us and why we do what we do – this is when team members get to the core of collaboration. They start to see the benefits of being different. They start to make use of the different talents and styles within the team to reach their shared goals. They start to want to win together.

Winning teams have liberated themselves from relational obstacles. They are investing their efforts and energy into value adding activities and joint success.

Our support to you

●  Tool of choice: Empreinte©

●  Process: Empreinte® Team Workshop. It is consisting of an online personality questionnaire done by each team member, followed by an intense feedback and coaching session for every individual as described under Know myself and followed by a team workshop with all team members together.

●  Effect and Outcome:
To have a means to visualise who we are and who our teammates are, we use Empreinte® as the tool of choice. To achieve a significant impact down to deeper layers of the organization, it is used in a cascading system:

Start with your leaders on the top. Let them go through an Empreinte® process – and transformation starts. Why? Their increased level of awareness about self and others will make the leaders unlock `sleeping´ potential in themselves and others. This will make the complete organization move and shift towards authentic, high energy leadership and organizational behavior, the prerequisite for creating extraordinary business results.

Then the team members go through the same process, enhancing their self-awareness and providing them with a common language when talking about drivers, contributions and needs. The Empreinte® Team Workshop is the place where something significant happens between team members. They share who they are and what they need to operate at their best, and true understanding and team cohesion is born. To reach the business goals is no longer considered an obstacle and they can now easily set strong action plans on how to reach their common goals.

The concrete outcome from the team workshop is a jointly agreed and binding action plan on how to work together, how to excel together and how to reach the concrete business goals together.